How do I know I am ready to hire a Virtual Assistant

How do I know I am ready to hire a Virtual Assistant?

This is a question I see pop up all the time.  There are actually 2 scenarios that stand out the most!

Scenario 1

You are feeling overtired, you are meeting yourself coming backwards or you feel like you have lost the love for why you set your business up in the first place.  

If this is how you feel, then the best thing to do is to firstly write a list of all the jobs that you do within your business.  Do this over a period of time e.g. a month as there will be jobs that you complete on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  

Once you have this list completed, sit down and look at it and seriously think about the tasks on the list.  There will be jobs on there that HAVE to be completed by you, and there will be jobs on there that can be delegated to SOMEONE ELSE.  This is where you hire a ROCKSTAR VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.

Scenario 2

You have come up with an amazing idea for your business.  You know what you want to do but you have no idea how to implement it.  Again, this is the time to reach out and use someone else’s expertise!

If you find yourself in either of these situations then why not BOOK IN for a FREE Discovery Call and see how I can help you.


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