I’m Ruth, your friendly Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant based in the UK.

I’ve got a knack for making your online presence shine, growing your followers and helping you reach your goals. When you let me handle your social media, you stay consistent in the online world (super important these days!) and free up your time for other things.

Need a hand with general admin stuff? I’ve got you covered—whether it’s crafting and tweaking documents, setting up email campaigns, keeping an eye on projects, or diving into data input. Trust me, crossing these tasks off your to-do list feels pretty fantastic.

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant lets you focus on the heart of your business—sales, marketing, strategy—without getting weighed down by the nitty-gritty admin stuff.


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Why choose me?

  • Cost-Effective Solution – As an independent contractor, you won’t incur additional expenses such as holiday or sick pay. Forget about employee-related costs and training fees—I’m dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest skills at no extra cost to you.

    Enhanced Flexibility – Engage my services as needed, whether it’s for specific projects or a set number of hours per month or week. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor our collaboration to your unique business requirements.

    Heightened Productivity – Your success is my top priority. When entrusted with a task, I channel all my efforts into ensuring its success. I am committed to contributing everything within my capacity to propel your business forward.

    Reclaim Your Time – Delegate tasks that hinder you from pursuing your passion and rediscover the joy of why you started your business. Free yourself to focus on what you truly love, while I handle the essential tasks that propel your business forward.

Who am I?

Meet a passionate Disney enthusiast with a penchant for all things whimsical! Having explored the wonders of Disney World in Florida more times than I can count, I assure you, it’s not just for kids—it’s a magical experience for all ages.

Beyond the enchantment of Disney, my life is infused with a dose of “Woowoo,” and I’m a firm believer in living by “The Law of Attraction.” My collection of crystals is a testament to my journey, constantly expanding as I embrace the positive energy around me.

When I’m not at my desk, immersed in the world of social media management as a Certified Social Media Manager (CSSM), you’ll likely find me engrossed in a book. My reading tastes span from “chick lit” to thrillers and self-development—because there’s always room for growth and a good story.

With over two decades of experience in administration, I’ve navigated various roles, from receptionist to Personal Assistant, in both well-established businesses and start-ups. Versatility is my forte, and I bring a wealth of expertise to every role I undertake.

And here’s a fun fact: don’t be surprised if my hair colour changes when we hop on a call—I enjoy keeping things vibrant and lively!