Delegating in 3 easy steps

Delegating in 3 easy steps

Do you have a fear of letting go?

Delegating for the first time to a Virtual Assistant can be difficult, but here are 3 easy steps to make the process more bearable!

Step 1

Find someone who is a good fit for you!  Just like if you were employing somebody to work for your organisation, you need to make sure when hiring a VA that you will be able to get along with them.  Don’t just hire the first person that shows an interest.  Make sure you speak to a few VA’s.  

Yes, you want to work with someone who can get the jobs you require done, but you also want someone who is aligned with you.  Someone who has the same ethos as you, and who believes in you.

Step 2

It is natural to worry when you are handing tasks over, if you are anything like me then you probably feel it’s better doing the task yourself because you know it will be done right then! (by doing this though you are possibly stopping your business grow)

If this is how you feel then I suggest just delegating a small task to start with, this will then not overwhelm you.

Step 3

This is probably the most important step and possibly the hardest.  


You will probably struggle with this one if you have “a fear of letting go” but it can be easily done if you set off the right way.

  1. Give clear instructions.
  2. Give all the information that is required to get the job complete.
  3. Give a realistic deadline.

I hope that reading some of these steps will help you in the future.  If you have any questions please feel free to pop them in the comments below.


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